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Cases in Instagram

What clients have we served and what results?

Not only business analysts, but also ordinary consumers understand that online advertising becomes the most popular among customers of all ages. Even if earlier advertising services provided by social networks were quoted not very successful, but now it is perhaps the most high-quality tool to promote your business.

Any successful company need to have an account in social networks. At the present time, its absence may cause the loss of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. In social networks the live communication is going up between users, their credibility increases, as you can see the quality of goods or services from your own subscribers. And Instagram allows you to visually demonstrate the best features of the brand in a way that subscribers have noticed it. That’s why our clients when thinking through the plan of the advertising campaign always pay great attention to the network Instagram.

We have worked with many companies, which promote your business in Instagram by making a detailed work plan, selecting the target audience, making selection of unique hashtags, which are suitable for your business. Today’s it is difficult to surprise the social networking audience, but our employees select such photographs that draw the attention and attract the eye of even the most experienced user.

Instagram allows us to use the developed cases fully, without losing any opportunity for the promotion of business.

Each of our clients receives a business plan concerning the promotion focused exactly on his company. Some people believe that it is enough to make a pattern and work on it, but we try to satisfy the client on the basis of his or her identity as cases Instagram allows you to use different ways.

We work with a wide range of clients, which include cafes and restaurants, manufacturers, representatives of wholesale and retail trade, as well as celebrities.

1. Working with Dj-Cafe Beverly, we increased the number of followers almost in five times per month. Our experts have picked up a list of hashtags, the most suitable for this type of business, taking into account the main point — the geographical location. Shortly after the increase in the number of subscribers, the number of visitors of the bar started to grow. Finally, in the end of the month their number increased by 50%, the brand has become recognizable.

2. We have created the account of the manufacturer “LitInprom” almost from the scratch. After all, the number of subscribers at the beginning of the work was equal to this number. However, after a month of work we have filled the account with interesting content, which users noticed. The number of subscribers began to grow, reaching more than one thousand two hundred people. Due to hard work, the number of transitions to the site increased and as a result, some visitors became clients.

3. For retail trade, based on the clothes sale of the brand Victoria Secret, the process of selling through Instagram was accompanied by some niceties. Here, we should pay a special attention to the offered products, not only on hashtags on geo points. The competent works of our employees allowed to a new account in Instagram not only acquire an initial clientele per month, but, also, get a large number of orders.

We continue to work with companies connected with various kinds of activities. Using all the resources provided to us, we will score a success in a short space of time, that is all our clients notice.