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Instagram Direct bulk

Instagram Direct bulk messaging is a great opportunity to attract new clients to your business. It is a relatively new element of business marketing through social media. As has already been said, Viber and WhatsApp messaging have been very popular recently. They used to attract a lot of clients some time ago. But with time users stopped reading this kind of messages, always blocking the numbers they came from. The cost of Instagram Direct messaging is the same as with Viber and WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the Instagram Direct messaging service is the latest technology in the media advertising world. High efficiency and low price of this service attract more and more people wishing to increase the customer flow. Before ordering Instagram Direct messaging, decide on what you are going to advertise: services, products, promos or discounts.

What is Instagram Direct messaging? Not many people know that Instagram offers the service allowing the users to communicate. It is called Direct. The cost of messages is zero. But how to attract clients to your business using Instagram Direct? To do this, you need to use a specialized service of broadcasting messages to users, your following and followers lists. With our ultramodern service you can inform a huge number of users of your services, products and promos without making any efforts – confide it to social media marketing professionals. You can use the service by yourself, it will not affect its price. You will only need to specify certain parameters and settings for messaging, and the program will automatically do the rest in the shortest time. It is especially convenient for those who value their time and efforts and want to attract as many clients as possible.

So who needs Instagram Direct bulk messaging? Generally speaking, this service is essential for those who want to advertise their product or service and draw the clients’ attention. That is why this service will work fine for nearly everyone who has already created a business account on Instagram. The living example is the story of any online shop with a medium-price product range. Imagine you own an online clothing shop. You have to advertise it. How to attract the maximum number of clients from the given Internet audience? Regular media magazine and television advertising will be useless. The best way is to use the Instagram Direct messaging service. Its price is significantly lower than any other kind of advertising. As a result, your online shop will be advertised directly to those users who will eventually get interested in your offer and will be likely to make at least one purchase.

How much does the service like Instagram Direct bulk messaging cost? To examine this question in more detail, you should focus on the sum of money you are ready to invest on such marketing and what effect you want to get in the long run. Anyway Instagram Direct allows to send up to 50 messages per day to users who you don’t follow, and it’s absolutely free. When you reach the limit, the account gets a temporary restriction on messaging. But how to broadcast messages with no limits? This Instagram Direct messaging service is meant for this purpose. The messaging price depends on the daily amount of messages you are planning to send. You can change your basic rate at any time with no restrictions. It will let you send up to 1400 messages to your Instagram followers per day.

How does the Instagram Direct bulk messaging service work? It is very simple. If you haven’t signed up on Instagram yet, you will need to create either a business account or a personal page. The main thing is to make the users properly perceive the page you are going to message from, instantly understanding what product you are advertising. The next step is choosing the users you are going to message to. It can be either an established list of your followers or new users, chosen randomly or by specific criteria. Next you should choose the messaging format. It can be just text or text + image (photo). The second option is preferable since the photo will be the first to attract the user’s attention rather than the text. To test the service, you can send first free messages. If everything goes well, you can run the messaging service and wait for new customers.