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Sales in Instagram

How to arrange and increase sales in Instagram?

Social networks are not only a platform for communication and exchange of information. Today, almost every person has his own account at least one of the popular social networks. This means that the business promotion is particularly successful if we see social networks as an advertising platform. One of the most successful and dynamically growing social networks is Instagram. It has about 200 million users. It means that any manufacturer can find here the right target audience. The competent sale in Instagram of any product leads to the promotion of the brand and business prosperity.

How can you start selling your product in Instagram? Our experts are well aware of how to do this most effectively. We can help you to create a beautiful and vivid account, which most closely reflects your business concept. Just leave a request and our manager will contact you. He will take into account all your wishes, together you define the strategy of your campaign, objectives and time frames. Such a start will certainly help you to increase sales in Instagram.

There are many technologies, which help to acquire more subscribers and therefore, the potential clients. Our staff can offer you a wide range of services, contributing to the increase of sales in Instagram. One of the key points that have proved successful in all areas of business, from which selection of our target audience begins — is geo targeting. With the help of it, we will attract the clients from Instagram for you from all over Russia. Appeal directly to the customer, taking into account its geographical location helps to create a positive image of the product and the brand on the whole.

The sales through Instagram directly depend on the mass following on the target audience. However, it is unlikely that the business person has too much time and energy to pay much attention to a social network. Our staff will send for you, at least 22,500 invitations, selecting only those people, who could be potentially your customers. The main advantage of sales in Instagram is the appeal specifically to your target audience. The person received an invitation, runs on the link and gets to your account, where he can get to know your product and move to your website or to make a purchase directly from your account, if you, for example, place the e-mail address, where you can make the order, or phone numbers.

Also, well-written hashtags help to increase sales through Instagram. Our specialists develop the unique hashtags specifically for your target audience. Moreover, we can provide a complete inability to user, which you obviously are not interested, to re-subscribe to your account. Thus, the efficiency of the work only increases with time. The increase in the number of subscribers is calculated on the basis of our experience and thanks to such efficient schemes, which we use in the work, it doesn’t depend on illness or laziness of our employees. For example, one of the most effective technologies that we use is to add as friends all subscribers of accounts of your competitors or accounts, which have the same or similar target audience.

Cooperation with our company will not only provide high-quality, bright and memorable advertising for your business in Instagram, but also help to significantly expand its clients base, to make your brand a much more recognizable and to reach the international trade level and work directly only with your target audience. And, by the way, we provide a free test of service for three days!