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Brands in Instagram

How brands can find its audience in Instagram?

According to the latest sociological researches, 90% of socially active population has an account in a social network. From them, 200 million — in the social network Instagram. Naturally, a lot of companies are now actively exploring this new advertising platform. Indeed, today a person spends much more time on the page of his or her account, than, for example, watching TV or listening to the radio.

Indeed, interesting accounts in Instagram attract a huge number of subscribers, that’s the potential customers. On what principle is based the popularity in social networks? The main one is the proximity of the interests of members of certain groups. Our work is based on this principle. Our staff will work with you to develop a strategy of your promotion in Instagram and send the invitations to an audience, which will be interested in your products. So our efficiency increases dramatically, as your brand is estimated by those, who are potentially ready to buy it.

The interesting accounts in Instagram are interconnected by branches of hashtags, which help users to search the information on exciting themes for it. Very often, only correct wording of hashtag helps to increase the number of subscribers. Our experts, at the stage of defining the goals and objectives of your business campaign in Instagram, form the unique hashtags, which are perfect for you, your product and your target audience, and launch them into work. Thus, the spreading of information about your brand is going up several times faster and that’s directly connected with the increase in sales. A searching of your products becomes many times easier.

Our company offers another indispensable service for development of your business in the social network Instagram – geo targeting. Actually, it is the starting point and the key to the success of your business campaign. It is the attraction of the clients from your target audience from all over Russia and even abroad, because the appeal directly to the audience of a particular

region creates a positive image of the brand in a potential customer. Such narrowly focused advertising, according to sociologists, is three times more effective than usual.

According to our experience, it is effectively to promote brands in Instagram, because this social network is` focused on the visualization of the product! Creating a beautiful and impressive account allows you to show your products with the best side, to use the strengths of your business. This especially belongs to the promotion of unique or expensive goods, cafes and restaurants, as well as celebrities, manufacturers, who wish to speak directly to the people without the help of intermediaries. The accounts in Instagram could be useful for services and wholesale and retail trade.

Our company will help you find your target audience for your brand. Our staff will provide you with a lot of followers by different ways. For example, we add to “Friend” your direct competitors or users, who have the interests in the hashtags, which are similar to yours, as well as accounts of the businesses, which have the audiences that are similar to yours. We also send out target invitations, through which the client gets to know about your brand and can already make a purchase from your account, if there is mentioned, for example, contacts of your company. The concentration on the right audience is provided by the self-learning algorithm.

The brands in Instagram are quickly becoming popular and recognizable thanks to certain technologies that we use in our work. For example, we exclude the signing of followers to your account, which you obviously are not interested in. Accordingly, over time, your account grows and you get more and more people, who are interested in your page that can not affect positively on your sales.

The best Instagram accounts collect a huge number of followers. It opens virtually unlimited opportunities for growth and efficiency of your business and promotes your brand in the market.