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Instagram Direct messaging service

The Instagram Direct messaging service is a brand new trend in messaging, replacing the traditional Viber and WhatsApp messaging. The main difference and advantage of such marketing is that you don’t have to be the contact’s follower to send them texts or images. While users no longer react to marketing messages in the aforesaid message services, Instagram ads do draw the users’ attention. The potential client will mostly be driven by curiosity.

How is the Instagram Direct messaging done? First of all, sign up on Instagram, choose contacts and use our messaging service. The cost of one message is minimal. You will also need to choose the messaging format: just text or text + image. It will affect the messaging price. Besides, with such messaging your account will be protected from blocking.

Our Instagram Direct messaging service allows you to inform contacts from your following list, your followers and other users of the new products and current services. With the help of this service you can message the maximum number of users, increasing the demand for your production. The messages are only sent to real people, yet the cost of this service remains more than reasonable.

How is the Instagram Direct messaging done? You don’t have to do anything by yourself wasting your time on manual messaging. Choose a format and the content of messages and then order the messaging through our service. The sooner you do it, the faster you provide a great consumer flow for your business. We offer an increased limit on messaging within 24 hours. The price of Instagram Direct messaging depends on the number and the format of messages you choose. Confide the development of your business to our service.